Zoe laying in the Sunday morning sun.

    Sitting at the dealership waiting for scheduled maintenance to be completed.


    My current keyboard and notebook setup.

    I’m still getting used to the compact size of the Razer Huntsman vs my old 10 key, full size keyboard.

    The notebook is the Hobonichi Techo.

    The pen is a Platinum Procyon in Persimmon Orange with a medium nib.

    Raining southern California.

    Early Christmas present for myself. 📷

    🐱sitting on top of scratching post


    Overdue for cleaning.

    August photo challenge day 16 year is stationary 📷

    My Baron Fig Confidant notebook set up on the weekly spread.

    August photo challenge Day 15: silhouette 📷

    People viewing the Open Sea exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    August photoblog challenge day 14 📷

    Among those watching whales in Monterey Bay

    I like the look of this IKEA dresser with leather drawer pulls. I guess it’s time to do some online shopping to find some pulls for my own IKEA dresser.

    August photoblog challenge day 12 Filter 📷

    Coffee runs through the filter as it brews in my Chemex.

    August photoblog challenge day 12 is “Sound”. 📷

    One of the sounds that I miss during this waves hands at everything, is the hum of a restaurant’s dining room; the clink of silverware and the buzz of converstations.

    August Microblog Photo Challenge. Day 10. Window. 📷

    My front window featuring a nice fresh cut lawn.

    August photo challenge Day 9 - black and white 📷

    A doorway seen in India in 2018.

    Alternate View of Taj Mahal

    August photo logging challenge. Day 8.


    Point Loma near San Diego, Ca

    I haven’t been traveling since waves hands wildly. The last trip we took was to Yosemite National Park. Not exactly a Day Trip, it was a trip. One of my favorite views in the part is the first time you get to see Half Dome when you enter from the south entrance to the park. 📷

    August Photo blog challenge Day 5 Flow 📷

    Remembering the 2018 trip to India when we got to experience a little bit of monsoon.

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