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    @numericcitizen But, it could be. That is why they keep writing that. The iPad Pro could be a Mac if Apple decided to do that. There is nothing other than Apple stopping it from happening. MacOS and iPadOS run on the same chip that are in both the iPad Pro and MacBooks. Utter flexibility would be an iPadPro that ran BOTH MacOS (when it was in keyboard mode) and iPadOS when it was not docked in a keyboard. The potential is there. If the potential is there, people will write about not living up to the potential.

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    That's 18 quakes of 2.5 or higher since 10:30am PST today.

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    Delta is about 45 km wouth east of Mexicali and east of Laguna Salada

  • @danielpunkass My issue is with shooting a family pet because it "isn't well behaved" without trying to properly train the pet or put the pet up for adoption, not that the pet in question was a dog.

  • @nitinkhanna not positive but I think that is a proprietery Tesla software.