New game for those old enough to remember.

Tag yourself.

I owned a Chocolate because the RAZR was over rated and the BlackBerry was too corporate.

Phone Tag

Just realized something today.

With the release of Dune Part 2 soon that should mean there will be a release of Dune Part 2 Soundtrack.

This photo is why I’m not interested in the Vision Pro.

Vision Pro Lunch

I completely understand the lure, and potential of, AR/VR, spatial computing, whatever you want to call it, in an office or home environment.

Why would this need to be worn outside in public? What use is this demonstrating?

Sorry John, but 30% of ALL digital purchases made within apps does requires 100% accuracy at finding scam and rip-off apps. Otherwise, your store isn’t “secure”.

After watching this Reel…

I have one suggestion: live in a single story house and you won’t have to walk up or down stairs.


The more people write about Apple Vision Pro and how it will be a must have when the technology is the size of glasses, the more I remember Google Glass and the backlash Apple pundits gave Google for their device.

Google was 10 years too early to the device category.

Always More.

My random hot take at 12:30 am on a Friday night.

Google and SEO didn’t “ruin” the internet. People “ruined” the internet, and they didn’t even ruin it, because it’s not ruined. It’s just more. More internet, more people, more ads, more scams, more SEO, to get more eyeballs, to get more money. More. More. More. More.

Always more.

Tech pundits and keyboard warriors all over the place want to blame someone - one - person, company, product, service. It’s always one’s fault. This time it isn’t one’s fault. It’s all our fault. We caused it. We let it happen. Only we can solve it. And it isn’t building the same silos and mega sites and caring about page views, or page ranks, or any of the other shit that has brought us here.

If you think the internet is ruined it is because you ruined it.

Because the internet is not ruined. You’ve just been sucked into areas of the internet you think are ruined. There’s untold websites out there that you know absolutely nothing about. It’s not Google’s fault. It’s not Facebook’s fault. It’s not Twitter’s fault. It’s not SEO’s fault. It’s not AI’s fault. It’s yours. Because you’re human.

We are not meant to know everything, be everywhere, hear everything, see everything.

Quit worrying about how the internet will be saved from big tech. Go build something on the internet that doesn’t involve big tech just to build something on the internet. Share it with your friends. Or don’t. Totally up to you. Quit blaming something for ruining something that is not ruined.

Attention Yes, sometimes this is true.

I’m pretty sure the Iconfactory doesn’t need help to kickstart a new social media app. The Apple echo chamber would have written, talked, shared, and gushed about it, if they just launched it themselves instead of it being a Kickstarter project.

The original Iron Chef is infinitely better than the American Food Network version. The English dub is just chef’s kiss emoji, perfect.

Om Malik writing about Apple Vision Pro

Regardless of what Apple says about “spatial computing” and “working” on Vision Pro, I believe this is the future of TV!


$3,500 (for the base unit) for a headset instead of less than $1,000 for a TV. I don’t see that being the future of TV.

Who do you think has the power in the business relationship between FedEx and Apple?

Hint: Market cap does not factor

Wasn’t the United States supposed to ban Tik Tok?


I like the HEY email idea. I do not like the HEY email price. I don’t think I’ll be paying $100 a year for a service that I currently get for free. The value isn’t there for me.

I wish Google would update the 2017 Pixelbook with the look and feel of the prototype CR-48.

Paul Kafasis wonders about shipping Hallmark cards and exposes the hidden reality of e-commerce.

It is no longer about effiicient shipping. It is all about “get it to the customer as fast as possible” shipping.

You can thank Amazon for that change. Everyone chases Amazon shipping as the standard

Apple announced you’ll be able to link out of your app to your website for an external purchase as long as you follow their rules and pay them 27% of any digital goods you sell for the trouble of opening the browser from your app.

Chefs kiss. Perfect no notes.

Woody Harrelson is the perfect Haymitch in The Hunger Games.