Lazy Saturday today. Just what I needed after one of the boringest work weeks this Play week.

Evening clouds 📷

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you like baseball? is the website for you. Taylor made to help you fall asleep.

What a fascinating idea.

If you’re looking for some new music to listen to; might I point you in the direction of Free Dominguez?

My favorite songs are Map and a Light and Hearts Like Parachutes


It is Up to You


I don’t try to post long, well researched, and in depth blog posts here. Partly because I’m not good at that, but mostly because I don’t want to. And this is first and foremost, my little personal space on the world wide web. So, I gets to do what I wants to do here.

Rebecca Toh summed it up pretty well in her post nobody cares

And while they are here, they can choose to linger for as long as they want to or move on, but what they will never feel is the pressure to engage.

Anyway, this blog and website is more for me because I want it to be here.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around. Linger, or don’t. It is really up to you.

You are the person you are

Quote by Toni Morrison

The Matrix Resurrections

This is a wonderfully nostalgic movie with a story that gets a little muddled along the way. Great fun if you liked the sequels.

Current Status: Watching Matrix Resurections for the first time.

Finished reading: A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes) by Sabaa Tahir 📚

My Literal review is here.

I don’t think I’m very good at reviewing things.

300 is such a dumb, violent, movie, but I love the way it’s filmed; the action scenes are excellent and flow pretty well.

You ever had one of those days where everything just works and you don’t really have to do anything?

They are the best and most boring days.

Wordle 211 4/6


Not too bad today.

Does anyone else thing the most recent iMessage freak out is just people thinking that Google should be run exactly like Apple and since it is not then something is totally wrong with Google the company?

Wordle 210 4/6


No idea
No idea
No idea
Got it

In Transformes Dark of the Moon, Sentinel Prime, voiced by Leonard Nimoy, says

The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few.

A direct quote of Star Trek’s Spock, played by Leonrd Nimoy.

Well done, Michael Bay, well done.

Watching Planet Earth on TV this morning and there’s slow motion of giant ocean waves. The waves are so unique, beautiful and powerful.

Helo micro blog from the official Android app.

Thanks @manton @vincent

Tried a new coffee place today on my way to work and I have to say it was not good.

River was watching some TV.

Not sure how I pulled this one off.

Wordle 207 4/6


I added a page to my this morning.

Around the web has some links to other services that I like to use.

En fuego. Two guesses early.

Wordle 206 4/6


I might have found a new starting word.
We’ll have to try it out a few more times.

Close call today

Wordle 205 6/6


Amazed I can pull the work out at the end like that.

It’s Monday.


It always comes back around.

To Monday.

I think I would enjoy the Wheel of Time series on Amazon Prime if I hadn’t read the books.

The changes are … making the story different.

To be clear, I am enjoying the show.