Listening to the Tenet soundtrack and I legit thought it was a Hans Zimmer soundtrack when watching the movie, but it is actually a Ludwig Goransson soundtrack.

Seems like I need to find some more Goransson soundtracks to listen to.

Really intrigued by the Wheel of Time trailer Amazon Prime released. Looks like it could be a good adaptation.

This Fall Foliage Tracker that Moss and Fog shared looks like a great tool.

There’s a forest fire about 5 miles away from our house. It’s a little nerve wrecking to hear the water tankers, helocoptors, and other aircraft fighting the fire flying overhead.

Thankfully, we’re okay. There was an evacuation scare when the fire first started yesterday.

Current Mood: A little melancholy and introspective

Right Where It Belongs by Nine Inch Nails fits the bill perfectly.

Dystopian Fact

If you can read Ed Yong’s story and not recgonise that we are living in a Young Adult fiction dystopian world, then please tell me how.

Pandemics end. But this one is not yet over, and especially not globally. Just 16 percent of the world’s population is fully vaccinated. Many countries, where barely 1 percent of people have received a single dose, are “in for a tough year of either lockdowns or catastrophic epidemics,” Adam Kucharski, the infectious-disease modeler, told me. The U.S. and the U.K. are further along the path to endemicity, “but they’re not there yet, and that last slog is often the toughest,” he added. “I have limited sympathy for people who are arguing over small measures in rich countries when we have uncontrolled epidemics in large parts of the world.”

I constantly have trouble understanding why more people do not understand that we are currently living in a dystopian storyline. I suspect the only reason people don’t realize this is that people from the United States are so selfish they don’t realize how much worse off the rest of the world is compared to us.

It’s wild to me that when a professional baseball player gets a “day off”; they still have to go to the stadium, be in uniform and be in the dugout for the whole game.

That’s not a day off, that’s a ‘come to the office for no reason day’.

Mt. Timpanogos from Hwy 92 just south of Salt Lake City.

Utah has some beautiful scenery.

View of the Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island.

This matches my current thinking almost exactly.

>Here in lies the problem of pursuing a new level of consciousness. It has to be done using the only tool we have - our current level of consciousness. - Jeff Carreira

I had forgotten how much I enjoy the absurdity of the Underworld movies until I saw that the original was on Netflix this week.

So much fun, stupid Vampire vs Werewolve action.

App library is great and all, but why is there no easy way to see all of your installed apps on iOS?

Or am I just not familiar enough to know where to look?

The chorus from Numb by Meg Myers 🎵

I hate the feeling of this weight upon my shoulders
Pushing the pressure down on me
You think you want the best for me but nothing really matters
If you force it won’t come, I guess I’m feeling numb
I guess I’m feeling numb

🎵 Listening through Meg Myers discography and really enjoying the way she makes music. 🎵

A great short poem by Elan Morgan shared by Emma Cragg

A good place to be
is free without goal, aimless.
The heart can exhale.

Simple and direct. A good way to write.

Anyone else think it’s lovely that with any new technology device you get; after you set it up and connect to a network, the very first thing you get to do is wait for the device to update?

Personally, I do not like built-in cabinets and shelves unless they are in the kitchen. They reduce you open options for where to place furniture in a room.

That being said, these built-ins from a IKEA hack are pretty good looking.

No matter where you go, there you are.

I absolutely love this piece by Manjit Thapp shared by Creative Boom.

An excellent work of art.

New to me website ignant shares Horacio Reyes Paez amazing photos of Argentina.

We break ourselves up into parts. To lie to ourselves, to hide things from ourselves.

What leap of logic do we need to make to connect the Universal Monster verse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In Skull Island, Nick Fury was the military escort, Loki was the tracker and Captain Marvel was the photographer.

I don’t care what you try to call them now. They will always be fanny packs.

Whether you like it or not; you’re in the middle of a war that has been raging for the better part of a thousand years. A blood feud between vampires and lycans …. werewolves.

Just say an art blog post with the title

How would our behavior change if we knew no one was watching?

My initial reponse to myself was

It wouldn’t. That’s called Integrity.