Lazy Sunday afternoon doing laundry and watching TV.

No plans, no agenda, just a day. Perfect.

I think it might be time for a rewatch of season 2 of The Manddalorian.

Morning Coffee

It’s a lazy Saturday.

My favorite day of the week.

Maybe I’ll be able to watch Matrix Resurrections today.

Just finished: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir 📚

Pretty good YA novel.
I enjoyed the overall flow of the book, the way author wrote and structured the narrative.
Looking forward to the following books.

That’s no moon.

Wait. It is a moon

So close on today’s puzzle.

Wordle 202 X/6


Another one tomororw.

Foldable tablets are all well and good.

Wake me up when I can roll up a screen, like a sheet of paper, to extend the working display to the size that I want to use.

This might be my favorite “Best of 2021” year end list that I have seen.

Stunning work all around. I’m amazed at the beauty that people can capture with a camera.

This illusion is pretty bonkers.

It totally blew my mind.

No, I don’t need another notebook that will end up sitting on a shelf in my office.
What’s that? It has a beige cover and red tinted pages?

Shut up, and take my money.
No really; take my money.

Instructions to order are at the end of the article.

The warehouse today had a nice shade on the building this evening.

Wordle 200 6/6


Wordle is an interesting little game.

Home Decor

How I computer sometimes.

When I use my desk and not my Pixelbook.

I’m building up my movie Watchlist over at Letterboxd to help me track what I’ve watched and enjoyed. 🎥🍿

Idea for a feature:

Ability to ‘follow’ tagmoji - either in your timeline or seperately similar to Lists on Twitter.

@vincent @manton @jean

I got off work earlier than normal last night, but didn’t feel like watching a movie so I started Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. I planned on watching an episode or two and ended up watching 6 in a row.

Currently reading: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir 📚

Books 2 and 3 of this series have been Daily Deals on Amazon in the last week so, I thought I would get started on the series since I bought this in 2018.

No, no, no. You ordered a fountain pen you didn’t need just because.

It wasn’t me. Honestly. It wasn’t me.

Rose Gold TWSBI Fountain Pen

New Year New Shoes

I think the Dune soundtrack may be my favorite album released in 2021.

Toe Beans

New Year same old problem:

How do I keep track of my tasks?

The journey continues.

Hawkeye has been an entertaining show to watch.