No Idea


Wait. People really think Apple is going to release something involving ChatGPT this year?

A product that was released … checks notes … on March 23, 2023.

Apple. The company that wants to own everything in their technology stack is going to build on top of a brand new product?


Donald Drumpf is a moron

We’ll get something done where everyone is going to be very satisfied.

There is literally no way “everyone is going to be very satisfied” on abortion.


Nick Heer closing a post about car infotainment systems

… Google’s unintelligible product strategy and naming conventions.

You want unintelligible naming conventions? I have two words: Apple TV

Is it a set top box?
A subscription service?
An App?
All of the above?


One Plus made a tablet. There are reviews … wait, no, I mean … there are opinions on the tablet.

Ron Amadeo writing at Ars Technica

The OnePlus Pad’s display is smeary and ugly, and it made me want to put it down about as soon as I picked it up.

Dan Seifert writing at The Verge

The display itself is also very, very nice. A 2800 x 2000 pixel LCD, it refreshes at up to 144Hz and can hit a brightness of 500 nits.

One review has feelings and one has specs and both do a poor job of conveying what to expect from the 11 inch tablet.


I can’t recall ever seeing this view of the statue of liberty before.

Lady Liberty

Great photo.


I can’t help but remember Google Glass and the great privacy freakout of 2013.

And no, I’m not talking about Google getting more data from people. I’m talking about the public worried about what the people wearing Google Glass would do with the data.

Google Glass: is it a threat to our privacy?



Seth Godin, writing about ads on Amazon

Search and discovery would work just fine without the ads. Our satisfaction with what we bought would be at least as good if organic search simply highlighted the best match.

Ads on Amazon are no different than ads in the supermarket; buy this instead of that. The Ads have nothing to do with satisfaction.


Yes. I would buy this phone with an updated Android OS.


Pasta and Garlic Toast for Saturday lunch?

Yes, please.


I randomly thought about the time I visited the Getty museum by myself 10 years ago and saw what has become one of my favorite paintings in person.

Landscape with a Calm by Nicolas Poussin


Note to the Los Angeles Dodgers: spam season ticket email solicitations do not make me want to become a fan of your baseball team.


This is certainly a white collar crime, Startup founder accused of tricking JPMorgan

In a complaint filed on Tuesday, the Department of Justice accuses the fintech founder of “falsely and dramatically inflating” the number of clients her startup served to “fraudulently induce” JPMorgan Chase into acquiring the company.

I mean, really though, shouldn’t JPMorgan Chase have done a better job of research before shelling out $175 million dollars for a startup?
Is this really worth taxpayer funds to prosecute?

If any institution can absorb $175 million dollars, it’s surely JPMorgan Chase.


Sometimes the internet is amazing.



I don’t know where this quote comes from, but I love it.

Let’s be simple and calm. Like streams and trees.


Today’s Wordle is not a word, it is an Acronym.

I’m annoyed by this being added to a word list by the New York times.


What a difference 50 years makes.

Hong Kong

That’s a big change to Hong Kong.


A vampire vulture


A lazy Caturday watching the backyard.


This is the way.


Deserves got nothing to do with it.


It’s not Caturday, but here’s a picture anyway.

Zoe sits where she normally doesn’t sit.


Police, police unions and pro-police organizations will always tell you the answer to crime, as in having less crime, is more police, but that is not the truth. More police leads to more crime because the police have to justify their presence.


Nobody wants more police in their neighborhood. Except the police. They always want more police.

*Note, I have no way to validate the image is accurate and it may be a joke image: That does not change my opinion though.


Nick Heer giving more credit to people than they deserve, just because they work in government

it seems unlikely to me for representatives of the Vatican to be using a knockoff.


Sometimes the internet is awesome.

declining in the name of


I find it curious that the rhetoric around competition changes when a company acquires around 50% to 70% of a specific market.

Then, instead of competing, the company is magically abusing it’s leading position in the marketplace to avoid competition.