I know him!

He’s a friend from work.

I like slow motion a lot.
One of my favorite shots is the slo-motion intro.

I will never like slow motion as much as Zack Snyder.
No one will ever love slow motion as much as Zack Snyder

I’m not going to buy another bowl.
I’d be a man with two bowls.

Just a casual Saturday Afternoon.

Why is it always generic Viagra that is advertised for cheap drug services?

The Wealth Gap

Still thinking about an Instagram Reel I saw this week.

In it they supposedly broke down how much taxes you’d pay in California if you made $1.5 million dollars.

The Reel listed out:

  1. Federal income tax.
  2. State income tax.
  3. Social Security
  4. Medicare.
  5. A few other taxes

The final result was you’d “actually” make $750,000 and get taxed almost 50%.

My final thought was:
Okay, but you would still take home $750,000 which is about $700,000 more than the probable average salary.

Stop complaining about taxes when you make more than about 15 other people after taxes than they do combined before taxes. Just clueless complaints to push the average person to think the wealthy shouldn’t be taxed at a higher rate than the average person. After all, if you work hard enough then you might become one of those wealthy people.

Arby’s, home of the worlds smallest hamburger that is also better than most fast food burgers.

What an amazing photo. I would love to walk this and take my own picture.


Of course, I’m not a fan of snow, but I think I could visit to see this.


Pancakes are better than waffles.

This is fantastic!

One of the best from miniature calendar yet.

Blood Samurai

Sometimes a picture is worth 11 words, not a thousand.



Writing at Ars Technica, Jonathan M. Gitlin on the launch of the Cybertruck has this great reason to buy a vehicle,

Musk implied that in a crash with another vehicle, the Cybertruck—which weighs 6,603–6,843 lbs (2,995–3,104 kg)—will destroy the other vehicle.

I just saw an Instagram Reel that described the Midwest, as being just like the South but with more meat.

Amazing moon tonight.

I’ve been scrolling Instagram Reels lately and 2/3rds are people selling “passive income generators” that are basically ‘resell cheap shit for a small profit’ or ‘use AI to create digital goods for a small profit’.

If you add a bunch of crap to a bunch of crap; all you get is more crap.

The Las Vegas strip of bacon

Pixel Envy, Nick Heer: Smart Mattress Topper CEO Reminds Everyone His Company Collects Customers’ Sleep Data

Everyone deserves privacy, including people who buy $2,000 mattress toppers.

Did anyone in this post stop and look at the company’s website? It’s not a surprise that data is collected. It’s not a gotcha issue. They’re not trying to hide the fact.

Why natural prairies didn’t have dust bowls.


Man, those are some long roots.

Saturday lunch was excellent.

When ‘Viral’ doesn’t mean viral because the media is full of olds

Yet Another ‘Social Media Trend’ That Only Went Viral Because Of The Media