Cultural Offering

There is a blogger respect for other bloggers that permits us to find points of agreement and read points of disagreement without any heartburn.

No, that’s called being an adult. And it’s a shame that the ability is a lost art to most “adults” these days.

Patrick Rhone

I know the things we do disagree on we could discuss rationally because of the respect for each other built on top of that which we agree on.

You shouldn’t need to agree on anything to be able to discuss thinks “rationally”.
I’m assuming that means to not resort to insults, with anyone.

It is supposed to be a part of society that we can interact with each other no matter what our beliefs. Of course the beliefs that are based in hatred and oppression are the exception to that rule.
The default of, “your idea is wrong so I will belittle and insult you”, is not something that should be aspired to become normal. We should not have to find common ground to agree on ideas to be able to be civil to each other.