No Idea

My Journal Setup


I started July with a simple goal:

Journal everyday

I dutifully set up my journaling system in two notebooks.

  1. Bullet Journal
  1. Hobonichi Techo
    • For reflections on the day at the end of the day.

Bullet Journal

For the month I decided to just do a weekly log instead of the daily log. My weekly log is a 2 page spread with the 7 days already written in with 21 lines for weekdays and 11 lines for weekends.

Some days I would completely fill the 21 lines. Some days I would not.

Overall, I think that setting up my tasks as a weely spread is better for me than starting a blank page for a day. It helps me to visually see the limit of time that I have for household tasks that I have before it is time to go into work. I was pretty consistent in setting it up the night before with the things that I wanted to get done the next day.

One thing that I did the first week was setting a little time graph on the right side of the day to actually track how I spent my time before going to work. I did not do this for the last two weeks. I think this will make a return next week.

I have only missed 3 days in the Bullet Journal so far this month. Much better progress toward the Goal than June when I only logged 6 days in the month.

##Hobonichi Techo I have a pretty simple plan: write about what I want to write about. Nothing special.

Just sit down at the end of the day and write about what I’m thinking about, what happened, what was good, what was bad, anyting that comes to mind.

I tried to keep it a little formated with a statement of whether it was a good, okay, or bad day on the first line. Then proceed to write about why it was that kind of day. I’m happy with that starting point. I don’t feel constrained when starting. I feel like I can just write.

June I wrote 8 out of 30 days. July I have written 10 out of 17 days.

There is definitely room for improvement. But, overall, I am happy that I am working on creating and maintaining this habit.