I watched The Witcher series on Netflix over the course of a week or so. Two episodes a night so not a binge watch. It was … interesting.

I have no experience with the novels or the games (even though I have purchased both), I just haven’t gotten around to enjoying them yet.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. The timeline jumping was confusing at first, but once I knew what was happening in relation to the episodes already watched I liked that it made me think about where in the story the episode took place. I think it was a novel way to avoid the banner that most shows throw up, e.g. “10 years ago” or “Present Day”. Just tell the episode and let the viewer figure it out. It’s a nice way to tell people, “you’re smart enough to figure this out without having to be spoonfed everything”.

Looking forward to spending some time reading the books and playing the games to see what the source material is like.