No Idea

Do It Well


Annie Mueller describes what she is serious about.

I’m already immersed in my own life, and that’s what I’m passionate about. I’m serious about doing work I enjoy and doing it well. I find that passion has very little effect on that, one way or the other; discipline, focus, curiosity, and low tolerance for bullshit, on the other hand, are immensely helpful.

I would like to believe that I’m serious about the same thing.

Doing work I enjoy and doing it well.

My current work is in warehousing and shipping. I enjoy it. I enjoy getting people to be part of a team and to focus in on a goal and execute the process to meet that goal.

I’m not passionate about it. If I was passionate about coaching I wouldn’t be in the 3rd party logistic business. I’d be in the coaching business and, honestly, I don’t think I have my shit together enough to be in the coaching business.