No Idea

Dystopian Fact


If you can read Ed Yong’s story and not recgonise that we are living in a Young Adult fiction dystopian world, then please tell me how.

Pandemics end. But this one is not yet over, and especially not globally. Just 16 percent of the world’s population is fully vaccinated. Many countries, where barely 1 percent of people have received a single dose, are “in for a tough year of either lockdowns or catastrophic epidemics,” Adam Kucharski, the infectious-disease modeler, told me. The U.S. and the U.K. are further along the path to endemicity, “but they’re not there yet, and that last slog is often the toughest,” he added. “I have limited sympathy for people who are arguing over small measures in rich countries when we have uncontrolled epidemics in large parts of the world.”

I constantly have trouble understanding why more people do not understand that we are currently living in a dystopian storyline. I suspect the only reason people don’t realize this is that people from the United States are so selfish they don’t realize how much worse off the rest of the world is compared to us.