Nick Heer, writing about the Bay Bridge Tesla crash,

I have seen an awful lot of people blaming this crash on the cars behind the Tesla following too closely.

To those people, I have this to say: Can you stop from 75 mph to 0 on the freeway to avoid a collision at all times?

I saw one car; the fourth in line, a dark sedan, that I would consider following too closely. It’s the fact that a car changed lanes and came to a complete stop in the number one lane of a freeway that caused this pileup, not the trailing cars.

From the linked Intercept article, (emphasis mine)

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has also been critical of the emerging driver assistance technologies, which he stresses have not replaced the need for an alert human driver. “I keep saying this until I’m blue in the face: Anything on the market today that you can buy is a driver assistance technology, not a driver replacement technology,” Buttigieg said. “I don’t care what it’s called. We need to make sure that we’re crystal clear about that — even if companies are not.”

Do something about it. Don’t just say it until you’re “blue in the face”. Take action against the companies. Hold them accountable.

  1. Sue them.
  2. Regulate them.
  3. Make them follow the rules.

Don’t just make statements and speeches.